A study of SO2, NO2, CO and PM pollutants at Gholhak, Villa, Hesar, Pardisan, Azadi, Tajrish and Bahman stations show that the highest level of CO was recorded at Gholhak station and the lowest at Hesar station. Also, the highest level of NO2 was recorded at Aghdasieh and Fatemieh stations and the lowest at Hesar station. As far as PM is concerned, the highest was recorded at Gholhak and Fatemi stations and the lowest at Bazaar station. In other words, for most of the pollutants, Hesar station records the lowest and Aghdasieh and Gholhak stations the highest.

Figure 1.10 Changes of CO2 emissions within 24 hours

حق انتشار اطلاعات براى شهردارى تهران محفوظ است 1397 - 1385
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