Apart from the special position Tehran has acquired due to its being the capital of Iran and its role in the international politics, it has sister city relationship with a number of great cities and metropolises. Also, being a member of the confederation of world metropolises has accorded it a special position in the international arena. A Sister city relationship is a contract signed between heads of states or executives of two cities with the aim of creating cultural solidarity. This contract is usually signed between cities that have shared interests and common characteristics such as historical ties, university cities, tourist destinations, etc. Within the framework of the contract, the cities try to expand their relations. There are many cities in the word that have sister city relationships to each other. Before the revolution, Tehran had sister city relationship with Los Angeles and Seoul. After the victory of the Islamic revolution, Tehran began its sister city relationship with Bishkek, capital of Kirgizstan. At present, Tehran has sister city relations with eleven cities: Havana (Cuba, 2001); Moscow (Russia, 2004); Minsk (Belarus, 2006); Caracas (Venezuela, 2005); Seoul (South Korea, 1963); Pretoria (South Africa, 2002); Peking (China, 2006); Istanbul ) Turkey, 2006); Sanaa (Yemen); Kuwait (Kuwait); Khartoum (Sudan); Brasilia (Brazil) and Dushanbe (Tajikistan). Tehran has also signed Mutual Cooperation Understanding with a number of cities including Baghdad (Iraq), Kabul (Afghanistan), Paris (France), Milan (Italy) and St. Petersburg (Russia). The number of foreign flights can also be one of the criteria which clearly show the position of Tehran metropolis.

Tehran air passengers entrance (2008)

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Tehran outgoing air passengers (2008)

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حق انتشار اطلاعات براى شهردارى تهران محفوظ است 1397 - 1385
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