These are vulnerable areas, which require informed planning interventionto improve residential qualities. Based on the information presented by Iran Urban Construction and Optimization Company, the old areas of Tehran measure 3268 hectares, which is 5% of the total area of the city.
It is worth noting that according to the ratification of the Supreme Council of Urbanization, the criteria for identifying old areas are of the same value but these criteria are implemented based on the following factors:

  • Small buildings: 50% of these buildings have an area of less than 200 sq m.This indicates the density of small size units.
  • Unstable buildings: These buildings are not structurally sound and are not durable.
  • Impenetrable buildings: 50% of these buildings have a width of less than 6 m. They have poor access and motor vehicles cannot reach them.

The old buildings identified in Tehran have the following characteristics:

- Buildings that meet all three criteria number 4990 units and cover an area of 3268 hectares
- Buildings that are unstable and impenetrable number 5294 units, covering an area of 3620 hectares.

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- Small size and unstable buildings equal10752 units, covering an area of 8669 hectares
- Unstable buildings include 14052 units, covering an area of 14792 hectares
- Impenetrable buildings include 6171 units, covering an area of 4087 hectares

Table 8.2 Tehran worn textures based on approved indicators of Iranian Urban and Architecture Council

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Table 8.3 Proportion and rate of worn textures in various district of Tehran

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Sources: detailed information of Tehran districts(Tehran Renovation Organization(TRO)
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