According to the 2006 census, the population of Tehran was 7,803,883, of which 3,986,419 were male and 3,817,464 were female. This clearly shows that the male population in Tehran is more than the female population. The sex ratio (that is, the number of men for every 100 women) in Tehran is 104.4, but the index for Tehran province is 106, which is more than that of the total country (104). In 1996, this figure for Tehran was 105.4. This is mainly due to the migration of young men to Tehran. Many young men have migrated from all parts of the country to seek jobs in the cities surrounding Tehran as they find life in Tehran very expensive. However, the ratio is too imbalanced in various cities of the province, but in Tehran it is more balanced. The districts with the highest ratio are as follows: region 4 (district 9): 164.8; region 6 (district 14): 143.7; region 2 (district 12): 128.2. The districts with the lowest ratio are as follows: region 6 (district 6): 89 and region 3 (district 1): 89.7. No ratio lower than 89 has been reported. As shown in the maps, live the more prosperous second class and the wealthy class of the society live in these regions. The low ratio can be explained by the fact that a great number of working and single women live in these regions. The ratio was considerably lower in 2006 compared to the figures obtained in 1996. This was due to a decrease of the ratio in the central and northern parts of the city and an increase in the suburban districts. This is clearly shown in the maps. The elderly population is concentrated in the central and northern districts; therefore, in these districts, the ratio is lower as compared with the ratio in the southern districts. This is due to the fact that the southern districts receive migrants while the central and northern districts send out migrants. In addition, in the central and northern districts, the indicator of life expectancy among elderly women is higher than that of the elderly men which affects the sex ratio.

Table 6.2 Comparison of some sex ratio figures(2006)

Sex ratio (2006)

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Sex ratio (1996)

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